An overview of Digital Citizenry's services

Over the years I have become something of a "Mistriss of All Trades" on the cloud. My own varying interests combines with my clients needs have led me to an eclectic knowledge that allows me to offer a wide variety of services to my customers.

Digital Citizenry's Services Include:

Sometimes you just need an expert eye to go over a site you have completed. Or a hand to help you out of a code conflict or snafu.  That's cool! I'm glad to help you fix those little mistakes that are so easy to do when the difference of a comma rather than period is life or death to a website!
You hear both these terms used daily when it comes to putting a business or product on the web. Design traditionally is the layout, look and feel of a site, and the plan of how you and your clients will use it. Development is implimenting that design in code, giving a website all its functionality, making sure that a click here will take you to a page there and back safely, all while protecting your data from any cyber attacks or mishaps.
Social Marketing/SEO
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... we all get sucked into what can seem like these frivolous time wasters. But social networks are one of the easiest and best ways to get your name or product out in front of the eyes of millions of people, while aiding your traditional SEO as well. Codes to allow social media to search your site the way Google or Yahoo do are key in keeping your site's visibility current, rather than buried in the pile!
Remote/Onsite IT Services
Web site code isn't the only thing that can go haywire in the digital world! Sometimes the very machines we count on day to day to connect us suffer problems too! Almost any software related issue can be done remotely using Teamviewer or Google Remote Desktop connections which allow me to "drive" your computer from my office. All such connections can by turned off at any time on your end and are NEVER started automatically. For hardware issues I can do either web cam directed repairs with you as my hands or if local I am always willing to come crawl under the desk to fix it in person! For those with larger projects such as network or server builds and setups, with enough planning I am available to travel to you.
More people can name 50 companies than can name all 50 states. (SUPPORT EDUCATION!) And that is the power of branding, pure and simple. Studies show as early as 5 years old kids can differentiate between one brand and another. That doesn't mean target kids! It does mean having a clear, consistant and distinct brand allows you to be seen!
Digital & Prepress Graphics
Often times for a business, it all starts with a logo. A simple font and graphical representation of your business. After that one key bit is designed advertising and marketing materials can fall into place design wise. From the logo to business cards, letterhead, presentation materials, marketing materials and beyond... Digital Citizenry can get you seen in the digital and print worlds.

There are permutations of all of these combined. And a number of smaller or niche services I haven't listed. If what you see here doesn't inlcude what you need done then email or call me and let's see what we can create for you!